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So you decided it’s time to tone your muscles and get into shape. Maybe you want to lose weight, improve your fitness level, or embrace a healthier lifestyle. Whatever your reason for working out at one of the best gyms in Rancho Mirage CA, here at World Gym Palm Desert, you have the most experienced and skilled instructors and personal trainers by your side to help you reach your fitness goals!



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Balancing home, work, and working out can be challenging. When you have a full-time job, social life, family commitments, and household chores, more often than not, you just crave for a couch and some me-time. You’d rather go shopping at The River or spend quality time with your family at the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert.

However, there’s another item on your to-do list: a workout session. You would love to have a healthy, lean and strong body, but with your packed schedule, this seems like an unattainable goal. Well, not anymore! As one of the best gyms in Rancho Mirage CA, World Gym Palm Desert is here to save the day!

Don’t let your fitness goals fade away. Work out at a world-class facility and get outcome-oriented personal training in Palm Desert so you can cross a workout off your to-do list. Step by step, our fitness professionals and personal trainers will turn your dreams into reality! Make your body strong and active, and become a great juggler!

Personalized workout tailored to YOU

If you want to see faster and long-lasting results, work with one of our personal trainers, who will help you stay on top of your game. We will create a unique exercise plan customized to your condition, goals and needs.

Our skilled personnel conducts thorough professional assessments and measurements to determine your physical condition and fitness level, as well as set your goals the smart way. Do you want to feel good about your physical self, improve flexibility and coordination, lose weight and/or build muscle? Do you have sports, traumatic or an old back injury?

We will make the necessary adjustments to your workout routine and use hands-on techniques to rebuild movement and strength in the injured parts of your body. Your personal trainer will coach you through your workout so you can nail the technique, perform each exercise properly and avoid getting injured.


I have been at World Gym Palm Desert for 2 months and have seen amazing results with the help of a personal trainer. In this amount of time I have lost three and a half inches from my waist and 2 dress sizes. I am excited to see continued results.

Julie, Beaumont CA

They care about the customers. I love coming here because the owners, managers, and staff take the extra time to get to know you and interact when you walk in. These guys take a moment to break the cycle and interact with their customers.

Joshua, Palm Desert CA

Visiting the Palm Springs area is regular for my wife and me. We love the town and we love our fitness. This gym helps fulfill the experience each trip we make. The staff remembers us now on a first name basis and makes us feel at home.

Jason, Carlsbad CA

Step up your fitness game at the best gyms in Rancho Mirage CA

At World Gym Palm Desert, we can help you make changes to your daily routine so you can lead a more satisfying life. We take pride in our dedicated, in-depth approach to our every gym member.

Not only will your personal trainer maximize your efficiency during the workout, but they will also motivate you and help you build healthy habits. If you’ve ever tried to include workout time in your daily routine, you know how hard it is to stay motivated and not lose your workout mojo over time. That won’t happen. Not on our watch!

Here at one of our gyms Rancho Bernardo Mirage CA can rely on, we make sure you commit to your fitness goals. No more skipping gym because we will work around your schedule, encourage you and challenge your abilities during your workout, breaking down your goals into actionable steps and taking you to the next level.

Transform your body at gyms Rancho Mirage CA residents can depend on

Whether you’re in need of personal training or you want to take up yoga or pilates, we’ve got you covered! Reach out to one of the leading gyms in Rancho Mirage to enhance your energy and fitness levels and feel great about your appearance! If you’re looking for personal training in Indio, or personal training in Palm Springs, World Gym Palm Desert is your go-to gym.

We have more than 200 ultimate fitness destinations across 20 countries and 6 continents. We offer a range of classes and amenities and boast premier facilities, modern equipment and expert personnel. We’ll make sure that you succeed in your fitness endeavors! Let’s help you achieve maximum results and celebrate your wins together! Hit your nearest World gym and start your body transformation – today!

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