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Can you change your body shape by exercise

Can you change your body shape by exercise?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to what you can achieve through working out. For example, you can’t expect to change your bone structure or lose fat only in targeted areas of your body. However, while there are certain traits we’re born with, there is a lot we can accomplish by hitting the gym. So, what exactly can you hope to accomplish at the gym, and how? 

  • Build muscle: Although the shape of your skeleton is set once you’ve reached adulthood, you can dramatically alter your appearance by growing larger muscles. Weight lifting is very useful if you want to increase your muscle mass. However, bulking up is not as easy as you might think. It demands a competently planned out fitness regimen and specific diet. Also, don’t forget to incorporate rest days into your workout routine to prevent overexercising and give you muscles time to recover.
  • Shed excess weight: Even though fat can’t transform into muscle directly, you can lose fat deposits all over your body by eating healthy and working out. Cardio exercise, such as running or cycling, is especially efficient in achieving weight loss. By reaching a healthy weight, you’ll have a drastically different silhouette.

To achieve the best results, it’s important to have realistic expectations and listen to the advice of your personal trainer.

Will my body shape change if I lose weight?

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend daily physical activity because there are many benefits to regular exercise. You’ll be more energetic, improve your health and feel a sense of achievement, just to name a few. On top of this, there are bound to be some very pleasing changes to your appearance.

Will my body shape change if I lose weight

Our looks largely depend on our genetic makeup. Our height, the areas where we store fat or the width of our bones are some things that are mostly determined by our genetics. Therefore, it’s not possible to entirely modify your body through training. However, working out helps us make the best of what we have.

Remember there are no quick fixes or easy shortcuts. Big changes require time and effort but they’re very rewarding once you get there. 

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