When you’re feeling sluggish, weak and tired, there’s nothing like a good workout to get you in a great mood and give you much needed energy. From better health to attractive looks, you will benefit from exercising in more ways than one. To get some professional guidance, think about taking up personal training in Indian Wells if you haven’t already. 

Apart from drawing up a custom-made exercise plan, an expert fitness guru will advise you on the adequate nutrition to compliment your workouts. Coupled with consistency and hard work at the gym, a proper diet greatly contributes to fitness success. Set off on your body transformation journey and love every minute of it!

Is it OK to workout on an empty stomach?

Some prefer training without eating a meal beforehand, while others couldn’t imagine working out on an empty stomach. So, it’s understandable that you are confused when it comes to this issue. This is one of the things you should ask the personal trainer. Even though trainers don’t design meal plans, they can tell you expert tips on a balanced diet.
It is true that you lose weight more readily when you fast during workouts. This is due to the fact that hunger and physical exertion use up your glycogen reserves. When they are spent, your body starts burning fat. However, there is a serious downside. Starving yourself actually slows down your metabolism because your body tries to hold onto its fat reserves. So, the next time you have food, your body will be quick to store fat.

What is best to eat before a workout?

Exercising puts an amount of strain on the body so we can’t expect them to face these difficulties without good nourishment. Take full advantage of your time at the gym by giving your body suitable fuel. A filling and balanced meal will get you ready for any challenge that comes your way.
Some popular pre-workout food choices include berry oatmeal, fruit with Greek yoghurt, whole grain bread sandwiches with chicken and vegetables and grilled chicken with sweet potatoes.
Overall, the types of food your body requires before physical activity are slow carbohydrates and protein, which won’t spike your blood sugar or make you drowsy. Also, don’t fill up on food and head for the gym straight away. Wait for an hour before you do any exercise because you don’t need bloating at the gym.

Is it OK to workout on an empty stomach

What should you not eat before a workout?

If you want to be alert and agile at the gym, ignore the cravings and fight off the urge to indulge in these kinds of food pre-workout:

  • Fast food: This goes without saying, doesn’t it? It’s deep fried, as well as sugar and fat rich, so it can only slow you down.
  • Dairy: As most people have trouble digesting dairy products, they contribute to bloating and stomach cramping, which can be very distracting during exercising.
  • Spicy food: Just like dairy, spices can hinder digestion and make it harder for you to finish the workout.

Learn more about healthy nutrition at U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Nutrition website

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