Personal training Palm Desert can help you become more focused and dedicated to personal training. Heading out to the gym for regular training sessions is the best thing in the world for your body, but sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to do so according to the planned schedule. This doesn’t make you lazy – just hire a personal trainer for additional motivation! As long as you follow the rules of personal training etiquette, you’ll be able to build excellent rapport with your personal trainer for an effective workout routine.

This, along with the fact that you’re paying extra for personal training, should be more than enough to make you get up from that couch and head for the gym. But first, read on to see what personal training etiquette do’s and don’ts are.

Give feedback to your trainer

Your personal trainer is there to make sure you make the most of your time at the gym. As you’ve already decided to pay for individual classes, use them to the max. Communicate with your trainer, tell them if you have an injury or specific pain in one of the muscles. Display proper personal training etiquette, but also be honest and forthcoming as it is the only way to see some actual results. Otherwise, the training sessions will not have any effect and the effort will be wasted. Lying will have no positive outcome and it defeats the purpose of individual classes.

Put away the phone

Your cell phone is something you can absolutely do without during the training session it’s personal training etiquette 101. Focus on the exercises and your trainer’s instructions instead of the social media. Don’t break out the camera for a selfie. Not only is it passe, but both your trainer and others at the gym may find it annoying. If you are expecting a call, try to finish it before or after the training session. Answering your phone in the middle of a session interrupts your routine, in addition to being downright rude.

Careful with the heavy weights

Heavy weights and dumbbells require your full attention while handling them. Consult your trainer on whether you are ready for a certain weight before attempting to lift. Don’t forget that this area is also used by other people in the gym, so remember to give them enough space. Also, as everybody sweats during a workout, keep a towel at hand to wipe yourself before dripping all over. Don’t forget to wipe the weights or dumbbells themselves and to return them to their place, because if you leave them lying around somebody can get hurt.

Don’t forget to warm up and stretch

You probably know warming up and stretching is one of the most important parts of working out and it’s rightly so – there is no need for your trainer to remind you about it every time. Since you’ll probably get a personalized workout routine, consider warmup and stretching to be its mandatory elements. Your muscles need to endure the strenuous activity they are being forced to do and warming up helps them do it. But in order for all if to to have full effect, make sure you stretch for several minutes after working out. This minimizes the chance of an injury.

Unsure about personal training etiquette? World Gym Palm Desert has your back

Here at World Gym Palm Desert, we’re dedicated to offering our clients the best possible conditions for their training sessions. Our instructors will design your personalized program, give you advice and answer all your questions. Come and see that working out with us is as effective as it is fun!