Exercise and regular visits to the gym should be incorporated into the lifestyle of everyone wanting to stay fit and healthy. Finding the motivation to get started and finding out what works for you personally is what’s the problem. Palm Desert personal training and gyms are the best choice for those who need a bit of a push. Follow your personal trainer’s instructions and recommendations, have them work out a method and schedule that suits you the most, and you’ll be on a roll! This is a great solution, both in terms of boosting your motivation and the end-results, but not necessarily the best choice for you personally. Before deciding on whether you should choose personal training or group classes, read on to see what’s best for you!

Instructor attention and supervision

Fitness instructors are there to take care of safety and give advice where necessary. This is especially important for someone who has just started going to the gym. When you choose group classes, there are more people who require the attention of the instructor at the same time. Although they are grouped together, there is no way for each one to receive the same level of care and attention.

In case of individual classes, you are the primary focus of your instructor. This means they can help you all along the way with every question and dilemma you might have. Also, they can watch your form and correct any mistakes you make on the fly. It brings a safer and more personalized experience.


Motivation is key in sticking to a predetermined goal and pushing yourself to go all the way. Without it, it will be hard to even go to any of the sessions, let alone finish them on a high note. Choosing individual classes, the motivating part falls upon the instructor. Their job is to keep you going with the proper choice of exercises and words of encouragement.

In the case of group fitness classes, motivation comes from the group energy and the whole atmosphere. Even if you feel like slacking, when you see a lot of other people making the effort and pushing themselves can excite you and kick you into gear. Motivational music played during such workout can be just enough to keep you going and doing the exercises.


When you go to the gym you will appreciate having fun, but your chief goal should remain reaching certain results, no matter what you choose – personal training or group classes. Group classes are usually based on a general sense of what a normal exercise should look like. They are meant to help all participants reach a certain level, but there are no personal differences in the workout.

As people are different in every aspect, there are many ways to vary the exercises to help them achieve the true potential. This includes keeping individual track of progress and changing anything that doesn’t correspond to the stated goals and current level of fitness. Personal training provides a better perspective of this, as the trainer is dedicated to one person and can aid them more easily in their effort.

Personal training or group classes? We offer both!

No matter which type of training suits you, World Gym Palm Desert has what you need. We offer loads of fun combined with serious dedication and motivation required to achieve your goals. You only need to choose what fits you best – personal training or group classes – and then your fitness journey can start.